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Fidget Feet & Fireworks.

Firebirds & Fireworks

Aerial performance culminating in a fireworks display

Saturday 18 June 2016 | Festival HQ  | 10 pm

The sky is our stage as Fidget Feet is suspended from a massive construction crane to present this aerial circus spectacle. With a crane, seven Fidget Feet aerial dancers, a flying bodran drummer, a fire-performer and vertical dance on buildings, you’ll never look Carlow in the same way again. Aerial dancers leap into the air, an angel swoops over your head suspended from giant musical notes. Tribal drummers thump out a beat and a fire aerialist traces a path through the air. This is a legend in the making taking the audience’s spirits high up into the skies. Legends can happen. Be part of it.

Flying musicians on giant musical notes, aerialists dance through the air, a Firebird is born.

Aerial Circus, live music, fire performance and Fidget Feet’s magic all come together to create a new myth for our times. Firebirds closed the international Festival de las Artes in Costa Rica to more than 9000 people and in 2015 was the opening act for Cervantino Arts Festival in Mexico.

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