Little John Nee (a.k.a) Sparkplug Callaghan.

Music, stories and adventure

Barges on the Barrow: Tues 14 Graiguenamanagh:Tinnahinch/Wed 15 Goresbridge/ Thurs 16 Carlow Town Park | 6.30pm |Free

FESTIVAL CLUB: Tully’s Bar June 16 | from 11pm | Free

Known far and wide for his eccentric songs and strange stories Little John Nee in the guise of Sparkplug Callaghan takes to the Barrow on a barge in a most promising adventure the likes of which has not been seen since Humphrey Bogart sailed with Katherine Hepburn down the Ulanga River in “The African Queen”

Sparkplug Callaghan is a vintage motor mechanic and blues singer currently living in his dead uncle’s barn in the middle of nowhere. It is often said that “You have to suffer if you want to sing the blues” and on this count Sparkplug has been most fortunate; but things are about to change! A photograph on “done-deal” leads Sparkplug to believe that his grandfather’s lucky box of spanners which were stolen by the Black and Tans have been found by a farmer outside of Carlow; this is his chance to redeem his reputation and to finally live happily ever after like all his neighbours. Unfortunately the “Spanners of Good Fortune” turn out to be a wedding band and a not very good wedding band at that. Can Sparkplug save the day? Rest assured, there will be songs! There will be music!There will be suffering!

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