Kamchàtka Street Theatre Company (Catalonia)

Date/Time/Starting Point:
Friday 8 June, 6pm - Starting at Fairgreen Centre.
Saturday 9 June, 4.30pm - Starting at Potato Market.

Free / Donation
`Brilliant, suspenseful, inventive, profound and light at the same time’
- La Montagne (newspaper) France

Eight characters lost, each carrying their own suitcase. Passers-by or immigrants?
Naive and curious, their emotions are barely contained, they know nothing about our norms, our rules and our way of life. They may get in your car, stop the traffic, climb a lamp-post or ask you for some of your lunch.
Kamchàtka eventually turns into a mirror - a mirror of our behavior towards the Other, the Foreign, the Different.

This collective of wide-eyed and inquisitive visitors will capture the hearts of the public as they take over the streets of Carlow.

More than 350 performances in 27 different countries all over the world.

A CARRER 88, S.L. production, accompanied by Melando.
Special thanks to Escena Poblenou and Centre Civic Can Felipa, Barcelona. Supported on tour by ‘INAEM– Spanish Ministry of Culture’.
In partnership with Carlow County Council Arts Office