Cow Go Round (France)

Cow Go Round

Festival HQ / Sat 10 - Sun 11 June 2017 (Afternoon and evening Sat 10 and afternoon Sun 11) / FREE

Theatre De La Toupine 

An ecological theatre-carousel powered by parents. Children climb on the less than ordinary cows: the plane cow, the angel cow, the bee cow, the roller cow, the swimming cow, the turned turtle cow, the dancing cow, the skateboarding cow, the musician cow... and the tin rocket.

In the meantime, parents are milking a life-size cow, giving out the power necessary to make the carousel rotating.

A fantastic trip driven by the sound of the mooh organ, a unique musical organ including 19 cowbells, mooh boxes and milk tins. Everything put together inside a metallic bull frame in partnership with the French Embassy in Ireland, in association with Cork Midsummer Festival