Poetic Surveillance

Poetic Surveillance - Tonya McMullan
Visual / 11 June 2017 / 1- 6 pm 
Tonya McMullan is an interdisciplinary artist who studied Sculpture at Edinburgh College of Art, graduating in 2004, she is currently based in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Tonya’s practise revolves around the exploration of everyday life in the public space through context-specific, process-based, participatory and performative interactions and interventions within a place. The running themes and concerns often center around the everyday experience, the exploration of failure and ‘inbetween’ spaces. The work draws on the unique qualities of a space sometimes relying on public interactions to complete the work. Themes of the everyday run throughout and the materials commonly used include, clothing and textiles, photography and audio. The work manifests in an experience either in or informed by an encounter in a public place such as a phone box, street corner, retail environment or a clothes shop changing room. Essentially Tonya uses her own personal experiences and autobiographical references as material to make work that explores our environment and its confines in an attempt to both challenge and touch the participant/ viewer
Poetic Surveillance is part of SITEWORKS 2017, commissioned by Carlow Arts Festival and Carlow Arts Office.

SITE WORKS ’17 presents six new site specific* works of art. Inspired by Carlow and its rich narratives, these works create new perspectives on old stories and inhabit locations in unexpected and refreshing ways. There’s a long tradition of inviting artists to Carlow to make and present works of art. SITE WORKS continues on this legacy o ering a unique platform for artists to come, explore and respond.

This year SITE WORKS was selected from open call by Connie Byrne, Arts Facilitator, Sinead Dowling, Arts O cer, Carlow County Council, Emma-Lucy O’Brien, Curator SITE WORKS ‘17 and Jo Mangan, Festival Director.

*The term site-specific refers to a work of art designed specifically for a particular location and that has a relationship with that location.