Stomptown Brass with support from Sarah O Gorman

O’Hara’s Pavilion at Festival HQ / Sun 11 June / 8pm / €18 BOOK NOW

Blending the sounds of funk and blues with a raucous cacophony of powerful driving rhythms, Stomptown Brass make the most of their impressive 10 piece line-up: 3 Drummers, 3 Trombones, 2 Trumpets, one Saxophone and one big dirty Tuba. An urban street-funk brass outfit from Dublin, with musical roots in the New Orleans tradition of street-stomping horn players, Stomptown Brass have spent the last number of months bringing Dublin pedestrians to a standstill around the city. The band focuses on original material composed by trombonist James O’Leary. Add to this original takes on artists as diverse as Outkast and Brendan Behan and you get a band determined to give listeners something they haven’t heard before.

“Locomotive is concerned with the essence of sound, the incommunicable feeling that music can give us when the right notes are played at the right time, and all the harmonics gather into one whole being... throughout Locomotive you can feel the energy and power that Stomptown Brass hold over their music... Locomotive is a boisterous carnival of music that comes across fully on record” - The Last Mixed Tape.

‘With the hot jazz vim and vigour of My Duchess Has A Heart of Gold, Stomptown Brass show they are students of their influences but are not chained or confined to them. Rolling along with all the forward motion the E.P’s title would suggest and made all the more convincing by big call and response vocals, the song is the highlight in a record brimming with life’. - The Last Mixed Tape on the EP Locomotive




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