You Can't Feel What you Feel

Yvonne McGuinness

VISUAL /Thurs 8 6.30pm, Sat 10 3pm, Sun 11 June / FREE

You Can’t Feel What You Feel
Ground Floor Galleries

'Sometimes I feel like I'm wearing a heavy coat and I would like to be able to get other people to wear it'

'I like touching electric fences and the feeling of an unglazed cup on my teeth' CYT members

Investigating themes of empathy, sensation and connection to place, McGuinness has worked with Carlow Youth Theatre members to create a performance intervention for VISUAL’s gallery spaces. Commissioned by VISUAL in response to the season’s themes, the work explores how the languages of visual arts, theatre and spectacle can combine to communicate with and affect both participants and audiences.

Yvonne mc Guinness has an interest in embodied experience of place and re-imagining the everyday by devising projects that create surreal and dynamic moments of interaction and connection to place, time and communities.

Image credit: Gabriel McGuinness

A VISUAL Commission 2017 supported by the Arts Councils Young Ensembles Scheme
Facilitated by Sile Penkert and Eimear Cheasty
Carlow Youth Theatre Members, supported by Carlow County Council Arts Office
Director of photography: Mike Kelly
Soundscape: Ellen King