Locating itself in clever ways around the town, this year’s SITE WORKS commissions present; situations, stories and folklores that will inspire, amuse and surprise. Carlow is charged with interesting histories, places and people- a rich creative landscape.- SITE WORKS ‘17 Curator Emma-Lucy O’Brien

SITE WORKS ’17 presents six new site specic* works of art. Inspired by Carlow and its rich narratives, these works create new perspectives on old stories and inhabit locations in unexpected and refreshing ways. There’s a long tradition of inviting artists to Carlow to make and present works of art. SITE WORKS continues on this legacy o ering a unique platform for artists to come, explore and respond.

This year SITE WORKS was selected from open call by Connie Byrne, Arts Facilitator, Sinead Dowling, Arts O cer, Carlow County Council, Emma-Lucy O’Brien, Curator SITE WORKS ‘17 and Jo Mangan, Festival Director.

*The term site-specic refers to a work of art designed specically for a particular location and that has a relationship with that location.